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Bryan J Hollingsworth ACII DipPFS CeMAP is a member by examination of The Personal Finance Society

Bryan J Hollingsworth is an Appointed Representative of Julian Harris Financial Consultants, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

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tax efficiency

When planning your investment portfolio, it is always worth considering the overall tax position of your holdings.

Tax-free investments can be attractive but these advantages should never encourage you to take a higher degree of investment ‘risk’, or capacity for loss, just to obtain the tax concessions.


One can never be absolutely certain what the future brings and changes in your circumstances may mean that your investment holdings need to be altered accordingly.

Governments have a nasty habit of changing the tax rules, sometimes retrospectively, so it is usually sound advice not to construct too rigid an investment portfolio.

asset allocation

It is generally accepted that 80% to 90% of an investment portfolio’s performance comes from the spread of different asset classes rather than selecting a particular fund.

The Financial Conduct Authority’s own research also confirms that past performance of an investment is not automatically a guide to future results.

fund supermarkets and wraps

Keeping your investment portfolio within a fund wrapper can have substantial advantages as the saving in administration and paperwork may allow clients to pursue a more active investment policy, fully utilising any inexpensive fund ‘switching’ facilities.

We can assist our clients with formal reviews and regular asset rebalancing, so that their overall objectives and

investment risk profile, plus capacity for loss, can be maintained or adjusted over time.